Parents as partners in care

One of the joys of working with the ImproveCareNow Network is seeing the results of co-production introduced more broadly to a learning community. At the same time, communicating what this is all about can be tricky – the idea that patients and clinicians can actually be partners (in health, care, improvement, and research) – is such a paradigm shift.  In fomenting this culture change, we have come to a deep appreciation of story-telling, art, and other creative expression as a powerful way of communicating beyond the hard data. That’s why it’s so breathtaking when we see this come along:

Justin, who made this video, is a parent in the ImproveCareNow network.  Collaborating with other parents and with some (minor) input from ImproveCareNow staff, he distills, in less than 90 seconds, this movement to its essence so much better than my feeble words could do.

4 thoughts on “Parents as partners in care

  1. Wonderful videographic representation of hard data facts-brings it all home!!!! What a brilliant idea! Inspirational and aspirational -all at the same time. Love it!

  2. This video sent shivers down my spine when I first saw it at our learning session, and it choked me up again just now watching it on line! Having spent some time in previous learning sessions chatting with Justin, I know he would be the first person to tell all of us that his family’s story is just one of hundreds, and to play a role in the successful integration of care for other families going through the same experience is his mission. What this video demonstrates is the power of many coming together in a common goal, but most importantly, it shows that harnessing parent and patient talent will help our network get farther faster!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Michael, and thank you, Justin, for your work and inspiration! “Breathtaking” is the perfect word to describe the feeling that comes from watching it. It is a spark of pure, hopeful energy that something new and wonderufl is really happening, and partly because we’re ALL willing to come to the table and try new things.


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