Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Hoosier.

Steve Steiner is a pediatric gastroenterologist, hoosier and cochair of the ICN Research Committee For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘Hoosier’, it is used to describe a native of Indiana. No one really knows who came up with it, but I do share the distinction with John Dillinger, James Dean, John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson, and David Letterman. My mother is a nurse, but there was never a doctor in our family until I graduated from med school.

I was always fascinated by nutrition and the intestines, from gross anatomy through physiology and pathology, and eventually during my clinical rotations. When I rotated through Riley Hospital for Children, I knew I wanted to be a pediatrician. In fact, I feel that I was called to serve the children of Indiana by working at Riley. I’m fortunate that my passions for GI and pediatrics were married in this unique specialty – pediatric gastroenterology. I have been on faculty at Riley for 10 years now, and am blessed to work with outstanding colleagues.

I became involved with ImproveCareNow as Riley was preparing to join the network in 2011. With a special interest in treating kids with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as some experience doing clinical research, I was asked to be our physician leader. It took several years, but now I feel that Riley is a strong contributor to and beneficiary of ImproveCareNow. I have been able to volunteer some of my time as co-chair of the ImproveCareNow Research Committee at what I believe is turning point in the growth and development of this network. My experience has been a fascinating and rewarding ride so far, but I think we are only beginning to tap the incredible potential of ImproveCareNow.

ImproveCareNow has a culture of sharing. It is part of what makes this network unique and incredibly successful. As co-chair of the Research Committee, I plan to share with you the progress we are making in helping to facilitate the work of many people interested in learning more about pediatric IBD.

The ImproveCareNow Research Committee brings together physicians, nurses, improvement coordinators, and parents. We continue to add new members who have an interest in pediatric IBD research and learning. I would characterize us as a dynamic and well-rounded group of individuals that bring varying perspectives on how research and learning can and should be done in the ImproveCareNow Network.

New challenges and opportunities are just around the corner. Stay tuned!

[Editor’s note: We are working on getting Steve set up with his own contributor account here on LOOP. Until then, we’ll just publish his posts using the ImproveCareNow account and be sure to forward all your great comments right to Steve for reply!]

3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Hoosier.

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  2. Steve: Thanks for sharing this. I’m very excited to be working side by side with you on the research committee. ImproveCareNow is rapidly developing new ways to learn about what treatments work best for which patients under what circumstances. We are about to ask the entire community to get engaged in setting our priorities for learning and research. So stay tuned for that. In the future, we will have more and more tools to learn and to apply new knowledge. This will mean more learning from individual experiences of patients using tools that are being prototyped now that allow patients to learn from the variation in their daily symptoms and even design personal experiments with their doctors. We will also be learning even more from the large database that has accumulated. And we are laying the groundwork to enable much more efficient trials of treatments when that is what is needed to answer the questions that matter most to patients, families and clinicians.

  3. Steve – I may be a Badger (we’re just a little competitive with you Hoosiers!), but I think you are a pretty great improvement partner anyway!

    What a nice treat to read a bit about your journey. It’s been wonderful to see the Research Committee grow and evolve under your leadership and I can’t wait to see what you–clinicians, parents, and patients alike–learn together to drive even more dramatic improvement in care for kids with IBD (and other chronic illness)!


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