Notes from the Field: Front Desk Staff Key to Patient Partnership

This experience was shared during an ImproveCareNow webinar by Cindy Gessouroun. I enjoyed her story so much, I asked her to share it here on LOOP. It’s a simple, yet powerful example of how much we can accomplish together when we involve every person across the spectrum of care. I hope Cindy and Kim’s story will be an inspiration, and that others will share their lessons about how best to identify and build relationships with patient and parent improvement partners!

The IBD team at Oklahoma University GI clinic was trying to identify parents to join our team. We asked providers for suggestions. We invited a few parents. We had an education day hoping to identify “interested’ parents at that event…however we continued to be without a parent partner. Kim, our front desk receptionist, attended her first Community Conference (CC) in Spring 2015. At our QI TEAM meeting after the CC she said, “I can find you parents!” She identified and invited 3 parents with whom she had formed a relationship throughout the years and who stood out to her as “potential involved partners”. After her phone calls she notified the research coordinator that ALL 3 parents said YES and showed up at the next meeting. Since then, they have stayed engaged and are slowly becoming partners with our TEAM. She had wonderful insight and her personal invitation must have been a good one!

3 thoughts on “Notes from the Field: Front Desk Staff Key to Patient Partnership

  1. What I like about this story is that it demonstrates the importance of letting everyone on the team know about the campaign. And I agree with Sami about how well the staff gets to know the patients.

  2. I love this story because it reminds me so much of the connections my family formed with office staff and nurses at our IBD center – they absolutely knew us better than anyone else. Kudos to Oklahoma for demonstrating that ICN values all partners in care. I hope this story inspires other centers to include a more diverse range of IBD team members in ICN and QI activities.

  3. I agree with Sarah that this is a great example of how everyone within our network can have ideas to share that bring about improvements!


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