As We Prepare for the Community Conference

Fall 2015 ImproveCareNow Conference LogoNearly 300 patients, parents, clinicians, researchers, improvers, collaborators, and supporters are preparing to come together to learn, share and collaborate (to outsmart IBD) at the Fall 2015 ImproveCareNow Community Conference! So, I’m stopping by LOOP to share some important things (some might even call them highlights) with you:

First I hope you will take seven minutes out of your day to watch two inspirational videos. I just did and am reminded how well they illustrate what ImproveCareNow is; giving us a glimpse of us who is a part of ICN and why we do the important work we do:


Agenda BannerNext, I hope you’ll be excited to take a peek at our Community Conference Agenda. One of the best parts of the creation of this agenda was the open call for proposals from the Community for agenda topics. Can you count how many sessions on this jam-packed agenda have been proposed by our ICN Community members? We’re seeing more and more of this type of community-driven teaching, learning and sharing, as I think Sarah Myers alluded to when she wrote “When Working For Becomes Working With

icncc15f coverAfter looking over the agenda, I know you’ll be excited to connect with @improvecarenow on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram so you can see the conference unfold through tweets and posts, pictures and videos – and so you can join the conversation! Here’s how to connect:

Follow ImproveCareNow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook:

#icncc15f is now live

Click to check out real-time analytics for #ICNCC15F!

And – perhaps most importantly –  #ICNCC15F is our Community Conference hashtag. It was created via Symplur and the Healthcare Hashtag Project, which is aimed at connecting the dots in healthcare social media. Use #ICNCC15F – on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram – to watch the conference unfold, and join the conversation anytime by tweeting or posting about the Community Conference and including #ICNCC15F!

1 thought on “As We Prepare for the Community Conference

  1. Thank you for this lovely write-up Sarah N! Having been in the thick of orchestrating and planning, it’s nice to step back, watch the videos, and remember why we’re all here. As you stated, this is a truly co-produced conference–created by and with the community. The number of teachers is staggering…I counted almost 30 on Saturday along. But the thing is that everyone there will be teachers–clinicians, patients, parents, QI experts, guests alike. That’s the best part. That’s why we work so hard twice a year to bring this amazing community together.


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