Big Data Lead to a Bigger and Happier Boy

Richard Colletti's Big Data Quote

ImproveCareNow big data is thousands of little stories about children with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Since 2007, the clinical remission rate of these children has increased from 55% to 78%–thousands more kids able to attend school regularly, play sports, do overnights with friends and be much happier. At my center, we used our automated population management report from the ImproveCareNow enhanced registry to find a patient who hadn’t been evaluated in over 6 months—we called the family, and when the child was examined we found anemia, poor growth and fatigue that was corrected within a few months by appropriate treatment and follow-up. Big data led to a bigger and happier boy.

This excerpt was originally featured in the AHRQ Issue Brief: Harnessing the Power of Data: How AHRQ Is Catalyzing Transformation in Health Care. To read the full article,


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