Notes from the Field: One week!

One week, two chances to learn and grow together.

Just this past week, two ImproveCareNow centers hosted IBD education events. These events are incredible ways not only to learn with patients and families, but also to raise awareness about their role in a learning health system that aims to improve care for many.

Pediatric Specialists of Virginia IBD Day Pictures UTSW Pediatric IBD Center Education night pictureCongratulations to Pediatric Specialists of Virginia and the UTSW Pediatric IBD Center for hosting events that looked—from our birds-eye view on social media—to be great successes.May others steal shamelessly and find similar ways to engage their local community! And best of luck to the Schubert-Martin IBD Center at Cincinnati Children’s with their May 18 interactive online event…we’ll be watching!

Online IBD Event Help us do better! Leave a Comment: What are your ideas for how you would like to get involved in awareness events at your local center? What would make these events work better for families with busy schedules?


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