What’s the ICN Nursing Group up to?

Pam Morgan for the ICN Nursing GroupThe ICN Nursing Group brings together nurses from across the ICN Network. These nurses have years of IBD experience and aim to use these knowledge and insights to enhance patient care by identifying best practices in patient education, clinical nursing care and providing professional support to the Network.

The ICN Nursing Group is currently partnering with the Parent Working Group to identify IBD educational topics that are key for newly diagnosed patients and will improve their understanding and management of IBD at the onset of diagnosis. The Nursing Group will then identify where these types of resources currently exist (ICN Exchange, CCFA, GIKids, etc) or whether there is a need for something new to be created. All resources will be collected and housed in the Nurse Toolkit on the ICN Exchange where it will be easily available to nurses, and all ICN team members, at centers across the ImproveCareNow Network.


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